What is the procedure for applying for a place in the International Section at Camille Sée?

All applications for the International Section are to be completed online. Please refer to the school website for more details: https://www.ac-paris.fr/serail/jcms/s1_2627982/fr/deposer-en-ligne-un-dossier-de-candidature-tous-niveaux-6e-tle-pour-la-rentree-2021

The application process must be undertaken by those applying externally and existing students in 3ème Camille Sée pupils wishing to make the transition into lycée. 

Application deadline 2021: April 2nd 

Dérogation secteur géographique 

Written test 2021: May 5th

Oral tests 2021: early May

Results 2021: mid-June for collège and June 30th for the Lycée from the Rectorat de Paris


The written and oral tests are undertaken on separate days (usually within the same week and often in early May). If Camille Sée is your first choice, the tests take place at Collège-Lycée Camille Sée, 11 rue Léon Lhermitte, 75015 Paris.

For candidates who live abroad and are unable to take the test at the school, it’s possible to take a ‘test à distance’. You should complete the document attached to the application form. If your child attends a lycée français abroad, you will be requested to name someone to supervise the test connected to the school. If it’s an English-speaking (or other) school, whether state or private, you will need to contact the Consulate, the Embassy or the Alliance Française and then provide the name of a referee who will be responsible for overseeing this exam. 

If your child attends a private school or is in another state school system outside France, in addition to the English test, they will also have to take a test organised by CASNAV to test their proficiency in French and Maths. See this website (in French) for more information: https://www.ac-paris.fr/portail/jcms/p1_1951835/nous-contacter


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