Which International Section school should I choose?

The school day for the International Section is an average of one hour longer and there is a heavier homework load. You should consider what the daily commute to and from school will be, taking into account the children start at 8am on some days and could end as late as 5:30pm. Some IS children at Camille Sée commute from the 10th arrondissement each day and are flourishing. However, your decision has to be based on what school you respond to most positively and what you think your child can manage. It is a good idea to visit the school on the Open Day if possible.

The schools offer the same program and assess the children on the same criteria. Assignment to one establishment rather than another is based on their testing score. The Rectorate does take into account personal preference and do their best to place the child at the school the family has chosen.  Pupils who achieve the highest overall marks should obtain their first choice.


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