What does the entrance test for the International Section consist of?

For collège, the written test typically includes an extract from a work of children’s literature, followed by reading comprehension questions and a short essay. The oral component is an examination based on a text (given on the spot), such as a poem, a passage from a novel, or an article, followed by a ten-minute interview with the English teachers. Of course, each test is adapted accordingly to each age and year group.


6ème test:

Written test:

Duration : 60 minutes for 6ème

Passage 30-35 lines of fiction or non-fiction

Reading and answering questions : from global comprehension and more detailed understanding

Creative writing 15-20 lines

Oral test:

Duration: 10 minutes

Read a passage aloud

Answer questions

Short conversation

The oral interview is not just a conversation. It is a test to judge the pupil’s comprehension of a written text and their ability to react and analyse it.

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