To apply to join Camille Sée International Section, families need to submit an application form by March 31, 2020.

** Interested families may want to consider joining us at the Open House on March 7. For more details, visit this page.

Admissions forms can be downloaded here or picked up from the school secretariat. You must also submit the “coupon response” with your application that you can download here.

All students must pass an entrance test to demonstrate their level of English. The test consists of a written test (comprehension questions on an excerpt from a book or a poem plus a short essay) and a five-10 minute oral test  (discussion about a text and general conversation with teachers.)

The dates of the entrance exams for the 2020 – 2021 school year:

  • Written test – May 6, starting 8h30
  • Orals – Wednesday, May 6 – Friday, May 15.  Applicants will be invited for a specific date and time when they receive the confirmation for the written test registration.

If a candidate is applying from abroad and unable to sit the tests at the school on these dates, other arrangements can be made with his/her own school. Please contact us if this is the case.

Applicants take an entrance exam at the international section of their choice. The allocation of places at the four international sections in Paris – Camille Sée (15ème), Montaigne (5ème), Balzac (17ème) and Maurice Ravel (20ème) – is decided centrally by the Rectorat. Successful candidates will be informed in writing by the Rectorat in mid June. If an applicant doesn’t receive a response from the school by around 22 June, the family should call the school to find out if the child has been offered a place.

Students from Paris

In addition to submitting an application form to Camille Sée, students must also request a ‘derogation’ – a form given to the Rectorat via their current primary school, explaining why they are requesting a place at this specific collège.

Students from abroad

In addition to submitting an application form to Camille Sée, there are some additional procedures if moving from a school abroad.

For information about enrolling in a general college or lycée in Paris click on the parent/élève tab on the horizontal navigation bar . To apply to the International Section click on the link found on this page to create an online application to the Académie de Paris.

Parents must also contact the CASNAV (the to schedule a test to assess maths (in French or native language) and French skills. In 2016, the French test examined comprehension and included writing a paragraph about yourself. CASNAV tests are held every Tuesday and Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. Click here for more information:

Applicants should make an appointment with the Rectorat as soon as possible in order to submit the CASNAV test results and other paperwork. As soon as they have a test date, they should schedule the Rectorat appointment for the following day, as spaces fill quickly. Parents should ensure that they specifically request Camille Sée Section Internationale. The Rectorat may take several weeks to reach a decision.