Lycée-Collège Camille Sée in Paris opened its British International Section in September 2010 and now offers an international class at every level from 6è to Terminale. Our school is part of the French state school system and is therefore tuition-free.


Students in the International Section follow the normal French secondary school curriculum. In addition, they receive six – seven hours of instruction in English language and literature, as well as two-four hours of Geography and History (a combined course in France) taught in English. All these subjects are taught at grade level–at the same level of proficiency that would be required in the equivalent year in the UK. Classes are taught by a team of five native and bilingual teachers.


All collège students prepare for the challenging French brevet, which they take at the end of 3è. International Section students take additional tests – oral – in English language/literature and Geography and History. Their brevet certificate includes a specific mention ‘optional internationale.’

In lycée, all students prepare for the French baccalauréat in their specialization of choice (scientific – S; economic and social – ES; or literary – L). International Section students also prepare the option internationale du baccalauréat (OIB), a prestigious set of supplementary examinations – both written and oral. The British OIB offered by Camille Sée is administered by the University of Cambridge and is modeled on A-levels in English, History and Geography.

Pupils must be fully bilingual and capable of following a demanding academic programme comprising grade-level language study in both French and English. Successful students are both bilingual and bicultural, typically with at least one English-speaking parent. The programme is also open to French pupils and from other nationalities who have lived in an English-speaking country or previously been enrolled in a bilingual programme.

Camille Sée is one of five Parisian state schools with an International Section that offers a bilingual education for English-speaking pupils: Camille Sée in the 15th arrondissement (south west), Montaigne in the 6th (central – collège only), Balzac in the 17th arrondissement (north west), Maurice Ravel in the 20th arrondissement (east), and Voltaire in the 11th (new, recruiting 6ème students for 2021/2022 school year).