31. What is the application and testing timetable?

Please always refer to the rectorat website there https://www.ac-paris.fr/sections-internationales-au-lycee-127774 or there https://www.ac-paris.fr/sections-internationales-au-college-122569 for up-to-date information. Information subject to change.

Application deadline 2024: March 25.

Written test 2024: April 3 at 8h15.

Oral tests 2024: between April 3 and May 17.

Results: Collège: 14 June, Lycée: 2 July.

The written and oral tests are undertaken on separate days. If Camille Sée is your first choice, the tests take place at Collège-Lycée Camille Sée, 11 rue Léon Lhermitte, 75015 Paris.

For candidates who live abroad and are unable to take the test at the school, it’s possible to take a ‘test à distance’. If your child attends a lycée français abroad, you will be requested to name someone to supervise the test connected to the school. If it’s an English-speaking (or other) school, whether state or private, you will need to contact the Consulate, the Embassy or the Alliance Française and then provide the name of a referee who will be responsible for overseeing this exam.

If your child attends a private school ‘hors contrat’ or is in another state school system outside France, please contact the Rectorat for more information.

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