Congratulations to the Debate Club!

On March 9th, the Camille Sée International Section’s Debate Club beat the prestigious Louis le Grand High School team to go on to the finals of the debate tournament.

Our five anxious and nervous finalists, Lucie Cruanes, Maxime Thery, Kennie Chaplet, Rémy Siminel and Hélèna Bloch, debated at the impressive Embassy of Ireland on May 30 against the International High School of eastern Paris. Parents, Mrs. Popa Jones, our phenomenal debate coach Mrs. Simeray, and even Mr. Masson, our headmaster, came along to encourage the students!

The debate dealt with a subject that spoke to many students: “Should we work less?” The Camille Sée team was happy to defend this prospect, which many of us would enjoy. After more than an hour of debate the jury declared Camille Sée the winner, and the team and their professors were thrilled!

With excitement and passion, the outstanding Camille Sée team won the third debate of the tournament of the FDA (French Debating Association). Our international section of Camille Sée has participated in these tournaments since the association’s creation three years ago. And all three times we made it to the final. This year is our first victory, and a great success for our graduating students who end their year in style and with a lot of hope for Camille Sée.

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