Four Camille Sée Pupils Qualify for Paris Spelling Bee

Forty-two “Cheetahs” in 6e to 4e (6th to 8th grade) signed up, but there was room for only 21 to advance to the finals. Hearty congratulations, then, to the four pupils from the International Section at Camille Sée — including one brother-sister pair — who advanced through the written preliminary round to qualify for the Paris Spelling Bee finals on Sunday, April 7th.

This is the first time Camille Sée has actively prepared students for the Spelling Bee, and the effort on the part of the teaching team paid off: Only one other school will be sending more participants to the finals in the collège age group.

Well done to the teachers, for working with their classes on spelling lists all term, but a round of applause is due the pupils, who dedicated a great deal of effort to getting ready for the written exams.


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