18. What is the BFI?

Recognised by the French Education Ministry, the International Section prepares students for the Baccalauréat Français International (BFI), a prestigious set of supplementary examinations that are part of the French baccalauréat at the end of their schooling. The British version of the BFI is an integrated Franco-British school-leaving certificate. There are three supplementary exams: one in English; one in History and Geography, which are modeled on the British A-level exams; and a new internally assessed examination, Connaissance du Monde. The BFI combines the breadth and rigour of the French baccalauréat with the extra subjects taught and examined in English to A Level standard, in a single certificate.

· It is jointly certified by University of Cambridge International Examinations and the French Ministry of Education.

· It makes academic and linguistic demands to an equal level in both English and French.

· It will provide students with an internationally-recognised university entrance qualification.

The BFI will be regarded as a plus in applying for foreign universities as recruiters are aware of the extra workload that it involves and see it as evidence of diligence and an appetite for hard work. However, some universities still ask for English language proficiency tests for proof of language level.

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