36. What year group should my child apply for if he is coming from an international school?

The Rectorat looks at the date of birth (DOB) to determine the child’s class.
US Grade 6 = IB – MYP 1 = 6ème
US Grade 7 = IB – MYP 2 = 5ème
US Grade 8 = IB – MYP 3 = 4ème
US Grade 9 = IB – MYP 4 = 3ème
US Grade 10 = 2nde
US Grade 11 = 1er
US Grade 12 = T

Please note: if your child has entered the French system but was put behind a year to catch up with language skills, the adjustment cannot be made at Camille Sée. They need to stay in the same year when transitioning to Camille Sée (even if they are technically too old for the class).

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