39. What documentation will need to be provided for the application?

Firstly, it’s useful to read the following:
You will be asked to provide on the Rectorat website : http://www.ac-paris.fr/parents-eleves
The child’s results + reports for the current and previous years
For each subject, each year and each term (or semester) you must give:
· Your child’s average
· The overall class average
· The lowest average grade in the class
· The highest average grade in the class

If your child is in a school abroad, the academic records (current grades and reports) can be submitted in English; for other languages the Rectorate will need an official translation.
· Photocopy of the ‘livret de famille’ or birth certificate
· The custody certificate if you are divorced.
· Two proofs of a Paris or Paris suburb address (tax, insurance etc).

Please note, if you are relocating and do not yet have a fixed address, it’s advisable to find a friend or relative who would be able to give you a letter attesting to temporary residence. Any work contract showing proof of your relocation to Paris would also be useful. All correspondence concerning the application from the Rectorate will be directed to this Paris address and not an overseas address. Of course, once you have settled in France, this address can be updated. However, if this is impossible, please contact the parents’ association camilleseeenglishsection@gmail.com and we will advise.

Your school choices

As requested on the application form, you must indicate your first choice of school, but it is strongly recommended to provide your second and third choices. If your first choice is oversubscribed, your child may be allocated a place in one of the other Parisian schools which offer the same IS curriculum.
Assignment to one establishment rather than another is based on the child’s final test score. Pupils who achieve the highest overall marks should obtain their first choice.

Transport time and means from home to school.

This information is non-discriminatory: the recruitment in international sections is inter-academic. Children living in the suburbs can apply.

The “Déclaration de pratique linguistique”
This can be downloaded from the page: https://www.ac-paris.fr/media/47700/download
You must complete the “Déclaration de pratique linguistique” form to inform the Rectorate about where and how your child has learnt English (or Italian for Italian SI). This enables the Rectorate (and school) to get a more complete picture of your child’s linguistic studies and assess their level accordingly.

On the form you will be asked for two “langues Vivantes” : LVA (LV1) + LVB (LV2)
LVA or LV =: ‘Langue vivante A’: English (or Italian for the Italian SI).
French is not considered a Langue Vivante.
LV2 or LVB: this is for children applying for 4ème and upwards. It will depend on the LV2 language learnt at the collège. Your child must continue with the same language.

For 6e and 5e applications, the LVB can be left blank but can be completed if your child has been studying another language in school or outside. The Rectorate doesn’t expect children entering in 6ème to have studied another language. Children in the International Section at Camille Sée start learning another language in 5ème.

Confusing acronyms!
LVA = Langue Vivante A (first language)
LVB = Langue Vivante B (second language)
CLG = collège général
LG = Lycée Général

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