Welcome picnic for new families

Welcome to all new families/ Benvenuti a tutte le nuove famiglie!

If you are new to the International Section, please plan on joining us on Sunday, 29 August, from 16h – 17:30, in the Square St. Lambert. This is the square just in front of the school & with a group of people speaking English and Italian, it shouldn’t be too hard to find us. But just in case, look out for the balloons as well, and we’re likely to be in the area that is to the left as you are in the park and facing the school.

* In case sanitary restrictions change between now and then, we will post an update on the website this Saturday (the day before the picnic). And in case of bad weather, we will post any cancellation information by noon this Sunday.

** Email lists are being set up for each class so please do get in touch with ASICS to get your email added to the relevant class list.

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